Choosing an Obstetrician and Gynaecologist in Dubai

Woman is given a natural gift by God to give birth to a child and nurture him in her long journey of nine months. This period is generally not easy-going as woman goes through a lot of feelings making her very happy, tired, sick and uncomfortable at times. There are numerous things happening with her for which she doesn’t understand the reason behind. To solve all her issues related to pregnancy, she must visit a good and responsible Obstetrician and Gynaecologist in Dubai so that she can feel at ease with her.

A gynaecologist is a medical practitioner who has specialised training in dealing with the health of female reproductive system and also diagnoses & treats any kind of diseases. An obstetrician is a trained professional who takes care of female issues related to pregnancy, labour and time-period immediately following child-birth. Nowadays, a modern gynaecologist is also a qualified obstetrician and can handle medical and surgical procedures for women associated with her pregnancy, child birth and other health problems.

Obstetrician and Gynaecologist in Dubai is a highly educated and knowledgeable consultant who generally works in hospitals, private clinics or public health administrations. She is much focussed expert who knows her job well as she provides world class healthcare services to her patients. She may also specialise in various areas: adolescent gynaecology, problems related to pregnancy, cancer, infertility, endocrinology, urinary tract disorders, acute & chronic diseases. She works with a trained team of dedicated nurses, support staff and at times with urologists & endocrinologists.

Before choosing an Obstetrician and Gynaecologist for yourself, you must ensure she is trustworthy so that you can feel comfortable with her. You will be making not one but many visits to her, so it’s important that you share a good relation. A good doctor reduces half of your tensions related to medical issues just by visiting her.

High Risk Pregnancy Specialist in Dubai

Consulting to a high risk pregnancy specialist in Dubai is important when you want to ensure healthy delivery of your baby.

Every pregnancy is special; between their bodies and their sentiments, women come across with many experiences and many changes. Although, every woman takes special care of her health, diet and exercise all through the pregnancy time but some unfortunate woman may have some complications in the pregnancy. In present scenario, doctors recommend complete bad rest to 20% of pregnant women when they are concerned that the pregnancy is high risk. There can be many reasons behind this trouble including general heath, age of mother-to-be, genetic reasons and more.


Most of the time having a baby is a natural process but not every pregnancy goes so smoothly. High risk pregnancy specialist in Dubai considers a pregnancy high risk when some potential complications could affect the mother and/or baby. These kinds of cases need management by a specialist to make certain that the best results can be got for both mother and baby.

Even if a lady is healthy when she becomes pregnancy, it is probable to develop some health issues during pregnancy that can have an effect on mother as well as baby. Preeclampsia is one of the most common pregnancy-related issues. It is a condition that includes high blood pressure, swelling and urinary protein. If it is not deal carefully by a high risk pregnancy specialist in Dubai, it can be dangerous. With proper management and care, women may have a healthy baby.

Another issue is gestational diabetes. It is a kind of diabetes that grows during pregnancy. If a mother-to-be follows the treatment plan designed by high risk pregnancy specialist in Dubai, she may experience a healthy pregnancy and have a healthy baby. If a woman has some diabetes related issues, there are chances to high risk pregnancy. Consequently, it is recommended to consult high risk pregnancy specialist in Dubai in such case. Drpreetitandon is one of the best surgeon to find the top high risk pregnancy specialist who can ensure you about the best outcome for both baby and mother.

A comprehensive health care service for women

 Fibroid Surgery in DubaiBecoming a parent is the most beautiful thing a couple can  experience. In the journey of parenthood,  we are here to  assist you, guide you with our comprehensive and  personalised care. For this  overwhelming experience, the  steady hands ensure an integrated treatment coupled with  state of the  art facilities to deliver you the world-class  healthcare service in Dubai.

We hold expertise in offering committed services for fertility and reproductive health care in a  compassionate manner that a woman need. All the gynaecological services are fully fledged with  advanced technology which is safe and baby friendly are provided. You can avail services of best Indian  gynaecologist in Dubai where an eminent and qualified team of doctors delivers specialised care  from puberty to menopause to women. The team is highly skilled to perform complicated fibroid  laparoscopic surgery with a great success rate.

Before laparoscopic surgery was introduced, fibroids were removed by surgical hysterectomy.  Depending on the location and size of fibroids, the surgical procedure is planned. The most complex  surgeries are performed through minimally invasive gynaecology –Robotic and Laparoscopic  techniques. The procedures are performed by a best Indian gynaecologist in Dubai assisted by skilled technicians, dieticians, a gastroenterologist and trained nurses.

There is spectrum of services offered at the centre like

  • Robotic surgery
  • Laparoscopy
  • Hysteroscopy
  • Open and vaginal gyne surgeries
  • Menstrual Disorder treatment
  • Reproductive Endocrine care
  • Infertility counselling and treatment

The centre is embedded with best Indian gynaecologist in Dubai, who believes that women are the special creatures in terms of body and mind; they deserve the best healthcare system that understands their physiology, aspirations and emotions. We endeavour to deliver health comfort zone to them.