Family Planning And Contraceptive Counseling

Family planning and Contraceptive counseling:

Exceptional family planning care to individuals and partners with diverse medical and cultural backgrounds.

Comprehensive and expert family planning advice for women who seek birth control options and planning of future pregnancy.

Dr Preeti Tandon offers advice on all types of family planning services, including:

  •  Birth control
  •  Complex contraception for patients with chronic medical conditions.
  •  Pregnancy testing and options counseling.
  •  Sterilization (tubal ligation).
  •  Management of miscarriage
  •  Sexually transmitted infection (STI) testing and treatment

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Her clinic can offer procedures both in a clinic setting and in the operating room, depending on patient acuity and anesthesia needs/desires. In addition, our physicians, genetic counselors and social workers offer expert decision and process support.

Our team provides individualized care in a respectful, supportive, and friendly environment.

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