Well Woman Checks

A well - woman visit provides an excellent opportunity to counsel healthy individuals about maintaining a healthy lifestyle and minimizing health risks. It is a time to identify and understand ones health risks, if any and how to deal with the same in the future. Team-based care along with other health care professionals, may facilitate meeting the needs of preventive care for women.

A periodic well – woman care visit includes screening, evaluation and counselling, and immunization based on age and risk factors. Screening tests are designed to check for disease in healthy individuals before symptoms appear.

These could include:

- Cervical Cancer Screening – PAP smear, HPV

- Breast Cancer screening – Clinical Breast Examination, Breast Ultrasound, Mammogram

- Colorectal Cancer Screening – Stool occult blood, Sigmoidoscopy, colonoscopy done by multidisciplinary team.

- Osteoporosis screening – Bone Mineral Density, Dexa Scan

- Blood pressure, Diabetes Screening, Lipid Profile Lung Cancer screening, Testing for Sexually Transmitted diseases can be performed.

- Contraception methods and counseling.

- Breast Feeding support and counseling.

Evaluation is not the same for all individuals, it is based on one’s risks and personal or family history. Women during a health check visit have an opportunity to discuss many concerns and simple lifestyle changes maybe recommended which go a long way.

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