Preconception Gynae Consultation

A preconception visit is a good move for anyone, but particularly those on their first baby, or with any underlying health concerns or problems with previous pregnancies. It’s best to schedule the appointment at least three months before you plan to start trying, to leave enough time for any vaccines you may need.

There are various reasons that would let you consider preconception counselling an important measure before a pregnancy:

  • Rule out any reasons that can affect the women`s health during pregnancy
  • Health and nutrition level in the body to have a safer delivery without any complications to mother and baby
  • Obesity may be the cause of many pregnancy complications
  • Being underweight also poses a risk during pregnancy
  • Environment the couple live may also affect the pregnancy
  • STI (Sexually Transmitted Infections) can be averted
  • Pre-gestational diabetes to be well controlled before pregnancy

You may be asked to perform a few tests by the doctor, to rule out certain underlying issues.

These questions should get you started:

  • Am I at risk for any problems? Do I need to take any specific precautions?
  • Is my weight ok?
  • Is my future child at risk for any genetic conditions? Do you recommend genetic testing?
  • Are all my immunizations up to date?
  • Are there any health problems or conditions I should take care of before trying to conceive?
  • Are all the medications I’m currently on safe? If not, what can I do or take instead?
  • Will the birth control I was taking have any effect? How long after I stop taking it will I able to get pregnant?
  • Is there any exercise or physical activity that will increase or decrease my chances of conceiving? What are some general guidelines?
  • What kind of diet should I eat, and what should I avoid? What about… Caffeine? Alcohol? Cigarettes?
  • Can you recommend a prenatal vitamin?
  • Are there any environmental exposures I should avoid?
  • Should I steer clear of any over-the-counter medications?
  • At what time of month do I have best chance of conceiving?
  • What can my husband and I do to increase the odds of getting pregnant?
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